Frankfurt Osthafen

John Ohry / Stadtfest Giessen (c)

3 m² Frankfurt

Frankfurt Skyline

By the way, Frankfurt’s population is ‘only’ 732,688 (31/12/15) compared with London which was 8,538,689 in 2014.

Frankfurt Survival Kit 2

Leitz / Leica Building Entrance


Marburg / a walk through

The truth about EDC or “what a man has in his pocket sometimes” !!

With best regards and sympathy to my old friend Frank, take it with a smile !

Frankfurt Reflections 2

Frankfurt Reflections 1

Wasserkuppe 3 / the view from Hessens highest mountain (950 m)

The Wasserkuppe is a mountain within the German state of Hesse. The (950 m (3,120 ft)) elevation, which is a large plateau formation, is the highest peak in the Rhön Mountains.

Wasserkuppe 2

Wasserkuppe 1

Frankfurt – Nijmegen (EZB/ECB)

Summer in the City / Frankfurt Alte Oper

Frankfurt Survival Kit

Shit happens 4 (the lost smile)

Hythe 4

Seagulls and flying french fries !

Dungeness or die / part 6

Dungeness or die / part 5

Dungeness or die / part 4 (revised)

Birmingham Grand Central Station 2

Parking offender

London corridor

Moon over Coventry

Frankfurt Airport Trainstation

Hardknott Pass 2 – Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England

Hardknott Pass – Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England


Hythe by night

The Angel on the Bridge

Jack is everywhere 10 / OSS-Group