Vogelsberger strawberries / Erdbeeren – 700 m closer to the sun / näher an der Sonne !!!!!

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Crossroads 16

The Moon / 16.07.2016 – ca. 21:26

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Crossroads 15

Downtown rain 2

Downtown rain 1

Passion !

I am making pictures for quite a while now !!!

Shit happens 3

Pedestrians only

Sunny sunday morning coffee 2

Anguis fragilis 2 (c)

Crossroads 14

Oscar lost his head

Old Primary school building / Bersrod

Multiple self

The Beachmaster !

Sunday afternoon

Another project / done and installed

Jack is everywhere 7 !

Rooms / Leeds Castle

Saturday afternoon 2

Saturday afternoon

After the rain

0 Euro Banknote

… worth nothing, except absolutely funny ! (by the way it feels real, it looks real and it smells like a real brand new  Euro banknote)

Downtown walk by shot 2

Downtown walk by shot

Another project / June 2016

Dungeness or die / part 4

In the cathedral of my heart, a light will always burn for you…

Wasp on the water (revised)

Pinwheel (revised)