Monsieur Felipo dans son jardin

Renate´s Phone / Wetzlar 1984

Prepared for winter

The rainy sunday afternoon shooting (B&W Version)

The hug (revised version)

Hug and Kiss

The girls are alright 1

Leica vs. Nikon

I used to have a Leica, but one day I decided to get me a Nikon, it was the price, although I lived in the town where the Leica was and still is… Continue reading

The long (short) and winding road (B&W VERSION)

Downtown river

The reading woman

White Pentax ( never seen before )

Vintage Fun (revised version)

Downtown orange 5

Time is passing by

Bicycles / Darmstadt 1982

Sunday sky

Grey Sunday colors


Red Heart / early 90th

(edit 2014)

non-verbal communication

Deadwing 2

Bistro Suite

Girls wanna have fun ….

Chains (black & White version)

No 27

(revised version / a bit darker)

Early morning Construction site

Kathrin 2

Frankfurt, Germany / early 80th

Plage de Piemanson 2 – 1985

Kathrin & red curtain


Cloudy afternoon

Sunday morning blue sky

Spider´s Network 3

Sunday morning dew


Hand Sign

Sunday morning “overnight” sensations

The Moon / 12.10.2014 – 07:00

Cross Spider

Spider´s Network 2

Made in USSR

Getting ready for the night … 2 (Black & White Version)

Empty Stage (Black & white version)

Pinned Kiss

Land Maids (Black & White Version)

They will kill me for the title !!!

You can get anything you want at ….

Early morning 7:00 at opening time,  Edith is preparing  her small general store for the day. Now 79 years old she is still working all day long and always with a smile and… Continue reading

Wednesday morning at 8:06

Light and Shade (Black & White Version)

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