A “Cold War” short story !

It really happened.
It was in the late 70th, my sister & me had just finished highscool and we thought to go to Berlin for some days, by car / a ´62 VW Kahrman ghia cabriolet, 27 HP.
Crossing the border to East Germany was a longer procedure, we made it & continued our journey direction Berlin.
While driving along the motorway / highway, we passed a soviet military convoy, some soviet soldiers were sitting on trucks and waved with their hands, like all soldiers do when they see a girl in a car passing by. But they didn´t know what my sister said in this moment, it was the first time we saw SOVIETS in our life.
Now her words originaly: ” Look at them, these Communists are looking like humans. ” I excuse me & her for that, but she said it so amazed and real, I think she really meant it.
We stayed a while in West Berlin and made a trip to East Berlin, we got to “the wall”, where there was an official hole in it to cross the border, a new and much more intensive procedure began.
Then the moment, the “eastern borderpatrol man” saw our Audio cassetts in the car, turned to my sister ( she was driving ) and asked her : ” Are these pornographic Audio Cassetts, these are for sure pornographic audio cassetts, better to tell, we will find out ??? Till this moment the world was okay … after my sisters reaction I thought “hell they are sending us to siberia “, folks you do not know my sister … She looked at this poor borderpatrol man and exploded, she shouted at him very agressive :” You stupid Commie, do you really think that I listen to pornographic audio cassetts, do you think that we need this, no no, have you poor minded sun of a bitch ever heard of video, we watch porn at home !!! The borderpatrolman with his AK 47 looked at us and said with soft voice , ” Sorry, please enter the GDR …

Sorry for orthographic mistake, as you might know english is not my mother tongue but I try my best.

Encierro / mid 80th