Kitchen Impressions 17


Shit happens, I lost the screw-cap overnight


Hospital day room´s nightlight

Rubber raft

Closing time

Closing Time 2


Pinned Kiss

Peace or victory … / 1983

…depends on where you are !

Humor in gasoline alley 1983

Morning frost 2

Morning frost


Woman with dog (revised version)

Liz Reed / Ankle Bracelet

Precious metal 2

Precious metal

Nightlight 7

The green lamp …

I shot myself 1


I found him again in our basement, I do not know where they are coming from. I like them, they are funny. I allways take them back into nature.

The light in the darkness

Running wild boar

Hand in Hand with a Newt


Some more Grasshoppers 2

Southbound, Hamburg Harbour 2013


Ropes – Northsea – 2013

Red painted …

Wooden hearts

The schoolband Drummer

Football 2

Saturday afternoon at the emergency room

Food chain

Betty´s Cat

Sunday Spider

Old Farm Gate 2

Old Farm Gate

The green Lantern

Far from home

Sunday morning massacre


Open space

Old half-timber barn

Old bolt

The use of bricks at different times at different places

Backyard Lanterns (revised version)


Projections 1990

Tired dog yawns (revised version)